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Unicâmbio: expanding business horizons

Expanding business horizons

Paulo Jerónimo

Board Member, Unicâmbio

Paulo Jerónimo of Portuguese foreign exchange agency Unicâmbio discusses how the company is deploying Saferpay to help grow its e-commerce business.


Please introduce us to Unicâmbio.


Our core business is buying and selling foreign currency banknotes. We are also deeply involved in remittances. We operate in Portugal, Angola and Morocco where we have shops in all the main airports, shopping centres, cruise terminals and historical centres. The volume of our business is €15 million/year. We have been in partnership with Western Union, a world leader in money transfers, for 20 years and we are their main strategic partner in Portugal. Headquartered in Lisbon, we have been operating since 1992 and now have nearly 100 locations all across Portugal, employing more than 250 people.


How is Unicâmbio responding to the COVID-19 health crisis?

Unicâmbio has devised, in partnership with Western Union, a solution to help families manage the social isolation imposed by the COVID-19 and continue to send money to those abroad or in Portugal. To use our new Western Union Mobile service, all it takes is one free phone call without having to leave home.

As we play an important social role in supporting those with relatives abroad, Unicâmbio is keeping most of the branches in its network functioning, respecting all safety standards determined by the health authorities.


How are you using Worldline’s services in your business?

We have been using Worldline’s payment terminals for more than one year in some of our branches in strategic locations, such as airports. This has led to a higher volume of business as well as an increase in customer satisfaction.


Why have you decided to implement Worldline’s online payment solutions?

The global pandemic has brought with it new challenges with regards to traditional business and working with shops open to the public.

For Unicâmbio, Saferpay presents a fundamental tool for the quality of what we offer to our customers, as well as a back-office tool that complies with the standards of our financial department, thus allowing its use as a form of payment for prepaid card loading and money transfer. We would also like to implement Saferpay for buying and selling foreign currency banknotes.

We will provide our customers with the four Saferpay options to meet their business needs: mail/phone orders, payments by link, e-Commerce and webshops with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system connection.

We plan to implement the Saferpay platform in Q2 2020 and we are looking to launch the service through the main social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


What are the advantages of payments by link for Unicâmbio?

In the current context and also in the future, paying by link will be an important solution for us now that we have launched our Western Union Mobile money transfer service. It will give our customers the possibility to send money and pay their bills by phone or email without having to provide their card details.

In addition, it will enable customers to pay their remittances immediately, instead of waiting for the payments to take place, such as via a bank transfer. Furthermore, we will be able to confirm all payments in real time.


How will the solution strengthen Unicâmbio’s e-Commerce business?

Although the percentage of customers who pay online is still small, we are confident that people's current needs to stay in their homes will lead to a substantial increase in our business and especially our future online business.


How will Worldline’s solutions add value for your customers during this challenging time?

During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we want to meet the changing needs of our customers and take advantage of our growing relationship with Worldline. Unicâmbio is backing a solution with a proven track record in the international market for its operational qualities, pricing and speed of implementation. Worldline’s online payment solutions present us with an opportunity to grow our core business in a decentralised way and gain experience in a new market.

We are confident that Saferpay is an excellent option for our customers and that we will present a competitive product that will greatly please our customers. We want maximum satisfaction from all our customers and for them to be the main drivers of advertising and attracting new customers through positive feedback with Saferpay.

Learn more about Saferpay here.